Uniformed Special Police

Phoenix Special Police are certified, sworn law enforcement officials commissioned by The North Carolina Department of Justice and regulated by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission.  

Special Police investigate violations of North Carolina General Statutes, perform patrol services and provide the same functionality within territorial jurisdiction, as their county and municipal counterparts.

Crisis Response Team (Rapid Deployment & High Risk Employee Terminations )

Do you need boots on the ground quickly due to high risk events Phoenix Special Police & SAS (CRTs)  respond to and help manage crisis situations whenever and wherever they occur. 

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 SAS  ( Special Armed Service)

Phoenix SAS  is Licensed by the Private Protective Services Board of the State of North Carolina. All SAS officers are registered with NCPPSB . Phoenix SAS and it's highly skilled operators can meet your policy enforcement and protection requirements.

 Our officers are highly skilled, extensively trained professionals; often embedded with our police officers in our highly effective task force. Phoenix SAS  is available 24-hours for cost-effective solutions to every security need.

Licensed Instructors

Whether you are starting you're own professional security service or need situational awareness training for your company employees; Phoenix Special Police & SAS have professional and experienced instructors to meet your needs!

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Private Investigations & Plain Clothes Police Officers.

Inserted into corporate office buildings or other workplaces to deter or respond to any attempted attacks and robbery. Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, and internal/external investigations for asset protection and background investigations.

Personal Driver/EP

Our armored transport services can be integrated with our other services for a comprehensive valuables escort and protection.  Our executive protection services are ideal for Executives, Dignitaries, Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians, and individuals who want to protect their privacy, families, career and overall well-being.