Crisis Response Team (CRT)?

Do you need boots on the ground overnight due to a disaster? Phoenix Special Police (CRT) Teams  responds to and helps manage crisis situations whenever and wherever they occur.

Is your business prepared to keep running after a crisis?


According to a University of Texas study, when disaster strikes:

  • only 6% of companies suffering from a catastrophic loss will survive

  • 43% never reopen their businesses

  • 51% percent close within two years

Whether your facilities have been hit with an employee walkout or a devastating earthquake, it is crucial to partner with a crisis response team that is experienced, quick to act and reliable. That’s Phoenix Special Police (CRT) Team.

We are at your side from start to finish. We consult and prepare a detailed plan. Then we provide experienced Phoenix Special Police agents – Armed Security or Police as needed. When the assignment is done, we consult with our clients to help them be better equipped to handle future situations.


In a time of crisis, we make it easy to engage our services. We offer asingle point of contact and provide personnel on site dedicated to protecting people and assets. Importantly, only Phoenix Special Police has the capabilities to offer:

  • Global Resources – we provide Response Services anywhere, anytime

  • Scalability – our services adapt as fast as situations change so you’re never left unprepared

  • Protective Intelligence – with 24/7 Threat Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis and Real Time Alerting, our agents quickly adjust plans when warranted

Learn more about our Response Service offerings:
  • Emergency & Crisis Response Planning

  • Armed Response Protection

  • Escort Support & High-Risk Terminations

  • Workforce Disruption Security

  • Natural Disaster Response

  • Civil Unrest

  • Event Intelligence Threat Monitoring