Do you need a Body Guard

Bodyguards are not just for Hollywood starlets. Personal security is on the rise, because many people are realizing the value of having their own bodyguard or security detail.

There are three definitions you will need to understand when it comes to bodyguards.

  • The Principal: This is the person or people who are being protected by the bodyguards.The Bodyguard: This is the person protecting the Principal. They are sometimes referred to as a Personal Protection Officer.

  • The Detail: This describes a group of bodyguards who as assembled to protect the Principal.

  • In Personal Security, Principals are either referred to as “hard targets” or “soft targets.” A hard target is someone who is unreachable and very difficult to access. For example, the President of the United States is a hard target. Soft targets are people who are more accessible and are easier to stalk, assault, kidnap or murder. A bodyguard’s job is to make soft targets into hard targets by creating a layer of protection that makes them difficult to access.

 Who needs a bodyguard?

Bodyguard is a term that is used mostly in Hollywood. Personal Security or Executive Protection is the vocational name for bodyguards. Here are the main people or things bodyguards are need to protect.

Celebrity Protection-This is the most obvious reason for protection. Famous people are well known, and sometimes they are not liked by everyone. This dislike can be dangerous to their person. Therefore, they should call in a bodyguard to help protect them from any possible assault. Bodyguards are also useful at keeping the media and paparazzi at bay.

Executive Protection-Many bodyguards are used to protect CEOs and other executives. CEOs are in control of companies that can range from a million to a billion dollars. Their need for protection can come from a few things. They need protection from disgruntle employees, corporate layoffs competition, kidnapping and corporate sabotage. Today, there is a tread of business executive with ties certain environmental issues hiring bodyguards as a precaution from avid protestors.

Some executives use bodyguards just for business trips that include high- dollar meetings.

Concert Tours-A crowd can get rowdy at a concert. A bodyguard is there to protect the fans as well as the music superstar from being trampled over by others.

 VIP Protection-VIPs are not Hollywood famous, but they are important. For example one of the top billionaires in the country\world. They will need a bodyguard, because people will always try to kidnap him, rob him or even assault him due to his wealth and influence. Other VIPs use bodyguards to escort them from the airport to the hotel.

Dignitary Detail-Dignitaries have a high powered job that wheels a lot of influence. Their bodyguards are specially trained to handle high risk situations. Bodyguards have to be aware of both national and internationally threats.

Political Figures-Mayors, state officials and other political figures use bodyguards for their personal safety.

Political Rallies-Politics are a very touchy subject. Rallies can get rowdy with supports and protestors coming face to face. Bodyguards can help keep the peace.

Family Protection-There are different types of family protection. This can be for a politician’s family, or it can be for an ordinary family. For the most part, family protection includes keeping your home and your family safe. Protection can be for everyday use or just when traveling abroad. The bodyguard will be always be discrete. There is a new emergence that has family protection being used for divorce. Some divorces can be messy. Many people hire bodyguards to help keep the please during scheduled visits with lawyers or children.


Private Estates-Many private estates have millions of dollars’ worth of valuables displayed. A bodyguard or bodyguards can insure the security of those valuable items by controlling who gets on and off the estate. We refer to a bodyguard as a CPO (Close Protection Officer), but i this case bodyguards are revered to as VPO’s (Venue Protection Officers)

Jewelry and other Transport Protection-Transport of large money or valuables such as jewelry can be dangerous. A bodyguard will stay close to you and keep a look out for suspicious characters or situations.

Assets Protection-People use bodyguards to protect their assets. It can be their business, their home, or their valuables.

Personal Security for Private Gatherings-Sometimes the right group of people will increase the need for protection. You can hire a bodyguard to help keep the piece during a private gathering or keep others who are not invited out of the gathering. For example, a wedding can need security. It does not matter if it is a celebrity wedding or a local politician’s daughter. If you might have a probably with crashers or guests, you should hire a bodyguard or VPO (Venue Protection Officer)

Special Events-Most special events use bodyguards as a determinant for unruly behavior from event goers.

Bodyguard Duties-If the words Planning, Planning and Planning come to mind, you are on the right track this is however not all. A bodyguard is trained according to what job he or she performs. Some bodyguards dress in street clothes to blend in and to spot potential risk. Some bodyguards are armed and other bodyguards are not. This is dependent on what the job entails. A bodyguard has five essential duties. A bodyguard is supposed to perform an advance inspection, plan ahead, prepare for changes, observe potential risk and secure the Principal.

Advance Inspection-When a bodyguard performs an advance inspection, the bodyguard is taking security measures to guard the Principal who is facing daily risk and threats from the public. A bodyguard will inspect rooms, buildings and vehicles for any dangers before they will allow the Principal to occupy the space. Dangers include bombs, weapons, bugging equipment etc. Most bodyguards have tools such as complex communication systems, heat vision equipment and bug scanners to help with advance inspection.

Planning Ahead-A bodyguard uses the Principal’s itinerary to perform background checks on anyone who will come in contact with the Principal. Planning ahead also involves bodyguards doing a threat assessment. Threat assessments involves profiling people or groups that might cause your Principal harm. A bodyguard will also have to research and gather intelligence to see if there is an unidentified threat.

Preparing for Changes-A bodyguard is in charge of transportation during a trip. It is a bodyguard’s duty to make sure that he and the Principal are prepared for any changes due to security reasons. The bodyguard who is acting as leader of a detail should have alternative plans for any changes that might occur. It is his job to prepare the detail for any possible changes.

Observing Possible Risks-A bodyguard has a duty to always be aware of potential risk. To fulfill this duty, a bodyguard will constantly check all exits and entrances and monitor all entrances and departures from a room or building.

Security Duties-When a bodyguard is acting as a Protection Officer, many of his duties include those of a security guard. A bodyguard has to report daily activities, property damage and any irregularities. He will patrol estates or properties to prevent or detect signs of potential risk. A bodyguard will also screen people before allowing them assess to a particular area. A bodyguard might have to take phone calls for his Principal.

Do you need a bodyguard?

There are many reasons to need a bodyguard. You do not have to be a celebrity to benefit from the security and protection of a bodyguard. They are great to have to hoard off the media, assess potential threats and to help keep you safe when you are home.