Executive Protection

At Phoenix Special Police we know that everyday situations in relatively safe locations are not necessarily totally risk free; incidents affecting personal safety, both directly and indirectly, can and do occur every day. But you can rest assured that our Executive Protection agents are trained and licensed to perform the many functions that regular 
“so called armed chauffeurs are not”. Executive personnel go through exhaustive training in counter-terrorism and various other related disciplines such as high risk driving, logistical planning, crisis management and emergency coordination.

Phoenix Special Police Executive Protection Division (EPD) provides immediate response to threats against corporations, employees and private individuals. Phoenix Special Police offers close proximity protection on a worldwide basis. Our operations center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained personnel.  Among some of this division’s responsibilities are:
  • Discrete Bodyguard Service (plain clothes)

  • BDU Bodyguard Service (black military style uniform)

  • Armed Transport Service  

  • Residential Protection Details

  • Corporate Protection Details

  • Prisoner Extradition

Personal Driver

Our armored transport services can be integrated with our other services for a comprehensive cash management solution, which in addition to armored transport include cash, coin, check processing, and jewelery. With us, once we take possession of your funds, the funds are as good as deposited. We manage the risk of cash transport so that you don’t have to worry about the possibility of robbery or injury to you or your employees. Phoenix Special Police focuses on your valubles so that you can focus on your business.

VIP Protection

VIP's must travel to locations that may present some element of risk to the individual. This risk may be general in nature, due to their status as a VIP and the tendency for criminals to target them or their family for unwanted attention, physical confrontation, extortion, or some more immoral interaction. In other cases, the risk may be the result of a specific threat to the VIP, his or her company, or to a group to which the individual belongs. 

Plain Clothes Officers

Never compromise your safety and security in the hands of untrained personnel. Our Officers go through an extensive training program to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. Our operations center is ran 24/7 by trained personnel in order for management and supervisors to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation that may occur. Executive Protection services are ideal for Executives, Dignitaries, Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians, and individuals who want to protect their privacy, families, career and overall well-being. We are fully aware that our clients need to be able to conduct business in a safe and secure environment, without the worry of their personal safety or that of their family.