Special Police

There is a significant peace of mind that comes with having a team of sworn police officers watching over your place of business. Unlike standard security forces that must contact local police in the event of an issue, our team can comprehensively deal with threats on-site. The benefits of working with Phoenix Special Police are clear.



Phoenix Special Police are certified, sworn law enforcement officers in North Carolina with the arrest powers of municipal police officers. Special Police patrol and enforce the law and provide the same services within territorial jurisdiction as do municipal law enforcement officers.

We take the guess work out of your security procedures. We provide protection where you need it, and take care of all the following on our end:

  • Yearly officer requirements & certifications

  • Vehicles and fuel

  • Continuing education,

  • Uniforms, equipment, and firearms

  • Workers compensation and liability insurance

We carry the load while you reap the benefits.

Benefits of On-Site Police

The protection of your property and your most precious assets, such as employees and information, is a necessity.

All of our officers are professionals. Because our officers are sworn police officers, you are receiving a much higher level of service than if utilizing an ordinary private security company. Our officers have the authority to enforce NC law and make arrests as needed, which means significantly faster response time and more comprehensive methods of dealing with security issues at your place of business.

History Of Special Police

Special Police in North Carolina spans around 125 years. As special law enforcement problems arose which could not be adequately handled by existing officers, new law enforcement agencies were created to handle these problems. The officers of these agencies were known as "special Policemen" and were authorized for railroads in 1871, for electric or water power companies and construction companies in 1907 and for manufacturing companies in 1923. In many small towns and communities,the special policemen were often the only police officers available to assist the county sheriff and his deputies.

    As the world has changed, Crime rates have risen and with the economy there have been Statewide budget cuts, leaving Police and Sheriffs Departments short staffed. Special Police Agencies are becoming more popular to meet the demands of security for residential and Business owners.