Benefits of Choosing Phoenix Special Police & SAS

There is a significant peace of mind that comes with having a team of sworn police officers or special armed service officers watching over you and your place of business.  

"Above The Rest"

Our Values

Our Mission
Our Goals
Take Care of Our Employees

Provide the mentorship, resources, and the tools necessary for employees to grow professionally, technically and personally


Why We Do It
At PSP & SAS we believe that our service a purpose,
cause, and meaning. We believe we make a difference.


Make a Difference

Add value daily and leave every project better

Maintain Our Professionalism

Exhibit the highest in ethical behavior and professional integrity 

What We Do
PSP & SAS offers "Peace of Mind." We are focused on preemptive solutions that avoid or defuse situations before they become events, so our client partners can focus on their core business objectives and mission. 

Deliver Results to Our Clients

Provide our clients with what they want and what they need on time and above expectations

Be the Business of Choice

Committed to delivering innovative, responsive, and cost-effective services and solutions

Phoenix News

Officer 2nd Class Chris Gerrety has been promoted to Corporal. Officer Gerrety has been an example of excellence in service and has begun his new position as a field supervisor for Phoenix SAS. Also promoted was Ofc. Tracy Perdue (not pictured) who was promoted to Ofc. 2nd Class for excellence in service.

Promotion Gerrety.jpg
 (Chief Lejeune)
(Corporal Gerrety)
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